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";s:4:"text";s:2801:"Portal 2 is a marvel, and the Rat Man -- accompanied by Valve’s gorgeous comic -- only adds to the game's charm. Valves new comic Portal 2: Lab Rat bridges the gap between the events of the video games Portal and Portal 2 and tells an exciting new story set in the world of Aperture Science Portal 2: Ratman’s Final Transmission Decoded One of the many Easter eggs hidden inside Portal 2 was the Ratman’s dens. Rat's Tale Achievement in Portal: Still Alive: Find all the Rat Man dens - worth 15 Gamerscore. The raw spherical appearance of the cores are heavily featured throughout the finale events of both Portal and the single-player campaign in Portal 2. In the two games there are various "Ratman dens", where Doug Rattmann has left scribblings and paintings on walls in hidden rooms. 28 Apr 2011. Where to find all of his hideouts.....for science. Please try again later. Find the hidden signal in one of the Rat Man's dens Final Transmission can be found in Chapter 2, Test Chamber 6. Resource lists and sound lists exist for every single-player and co-op map in the game, as well as many, many extras that do not correspond to any map in the final game. Find guides to this achievement here. ----- [1.2.a] Rat Man's Dens ----- Although many players speculated that the Rat Man died after his activities at the end of the Lab Rat comic, he returns in the events of Portal 2. This feature is not available right now. You'll easily recall the ones from Portal, which were full of wall scribblings declaring that 'The Cake is a Lie', but there's plenty more drawings to find in Portal 2. Introduced through his murals in Portal, his story was expanded in Portal 2: Lab Rat. Portal 2 keeps a list of resources used in each map under the Portal 2\portal2\reslists folder. Portal 2 Den Locations (Doug Rattmann) SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS USED http://asuveroz.webs.com/portal-2 GAME SETTINGS USED http://asuveroz.webs.com/portal-2 Portal 3 is a dream that continues to break our hearts with every tiny spinoff and LEGO DLC pack.. Portal 2 released in 2011. His dens can again be found in chapters 1 through 3, and if one stands near one of his murals, they can hear mutterings, presumably from Rattman himself. Ratman’s full appearance is only seen in the Portal 2: Lab Rat webcomic released by Valve prior to Portal 2 ' s release to tie the story of the two games together. Function Developed by Aperture Science technicians, GLaDOS is the earliest known personality core - specifically designed for becoming the Enrichment Center's overseer. Doug Rattmann, also known as the Ratman, is a former Aperture Science employee, and one of the few survivors of GLaDOS' flooding of the Enrichment Center with neurotoxin. Chell and Portal 2's Rat Man Jorge Albor. Ratman is the comic’s main character. 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