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Blackheart vs Selene. Superhero … I give you the …

Selene wins! Selene vs Death. [citation needed] References. Home » Comic Book Forums » Comic Book 'Versus' Forum » Selene vs Apocalypse: Selene vs Apocalypse Started by: llagrok. Selene's stupidly powerful regen would heal her before Alice's psyonics could cause any damage to Selene. Selene Gallio is a 17,000 years old psychic vampire, Mutant,Sorceress and a supervillainess of X-Men. Apr 7, 2016 - Explore xmenrock's board "Selene", followed by 112 people on Pinterest.

Selene vs Apocalypse # Selene Gana Selene Ya Que Es Capaz De Alterar La Realidad Y Mantener Un Combate Mano A Mano Contra Doctor Strange. Selene vs Scarlet Witch.

... Selene vs Apocalypse. An alliance between the one-time Black Queen and Apocalypse would certainly blow us away, literally and figuratively, although X-Men movies should derive canon from the comics, not the other way around. Apocalypse wins! Selene vs Apocalypse. The Website. nahul echoQUAKE99.

Team Sebastian Shaw vs Team Mystique. Gender: Male Location: The Vega System. Selene vs Magik.

_____ Respect the Runaways.

Dark Phoenix would burn away what didn't work with glee, while a Phoenix host in a right mind would do so more carefully. Apocalypse wins! Selene appears in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Voting feed. Merlin vs Selene. Selene is a monster who punches through concrete, can flash-step (and maintain that speed), with regen that makes movie!Wolverine look fragile. Team Storm vs Team Emma Frost. Phoenix vs Selene. About SHDb; Contact; Help Forum; Thank you; Community. Merlin vs Selene. Selene is a captive in Apocalypse's citadel, and the X-Men free her as part of a deal the X-Men made with Sebastian Shaw earlier in the game. These two oldies fight at the elder center. Selene promises to give them information, but upon being freed reveals she had no information, and had only said that so the X-Men would help her.

Forum Jump: Pages (3): [1] 2 3 » Last Thread Next Thread: Author: Thread: Kris Blaze Restricted. Team … Impregnable and godlike, Selene should be on the table of black hats for future installments of the X-Men franchise. Quite simply, Alice is flashy and looks impressive. See more ideas about Black queen, Marvel and X men. Fa. The Phoenix Force, as a fundamental power of the universe, would be easily able to burn Apocalypse away. Account Restricted.

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Newest Battles with Selene. Blackheart vs Selene.

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